Build Your Own Game

In a week I will be sitting at home with my family enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner, football and  board games.  Every thanksgiving after the pies and cakes have been dished out and we are all stuffed beyond belief my siblings and cousins drag me to the living room to play board games. Traditionally we have played monopoly, candy land, and risk.  But this year I decided I wanted to do something different.  After spending the last six months learning about creativity and innovation I feel like I can create my own board game.   With this post I will hopefully give and tools to develop your own board games.

Game One: The Scavenger Hunt.

Have you recently moved? Do you have family coming in and are looking to kill a couple of hours? Visiting friends across the country and want to try out a new way to bar hop?

A good old fashioned scavenger hunt provides you with the means to develop your own game that only requires two things: a camera and a little creativity.  With smart phones as common as ever you can develop your own scavenger hunt you can make a great scavenger hunt everyone can enjoy. If your stuck with no idea where or what you can do in your area  the internet is a great recourse where you can locate information about your own game. is a great mobile and web application that gives travelers the ability to enjoy area like a  local would.

Game Two: Build your Own Board Game

When people think of board games they imagine tracking into their basement or closet and pulling out a game like Monopoly and Risk.  While board games are fun why not make your own board game.  Unlike a traditional board games, your game can encompass something yourself, your friends and your family are passionate about.  It could be a traditional board game like Risk, Monopoly,and Sorry or a trivia game like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity or Trivia Pursuit.

The great thing about developing your own board game is you can make it as simple or difficult as you want to.  Another incredible thing about making you can be as crafty as you want to be.  Whether your use traditional techniques such clay, and cardboard or new technologies such as screens or 3-D printers you can product your own game pieces and obstacles at home easily and at a reduced costs.   Applications such as TinkerCad, you can design your own unique 3D models  or even tweak exist designs from Thingiverse.

Smart devices provide you with another way to develop your own game without worrying about all the little pieces.  There are a plethora of die applications for IOS and Android.  Coin flipping apps can used when you can’t seem to find that perfect quarter.  There are even notecard applications can be used to simulate the game cards themselves.

Whether your friends are obsessed with Lord of the Rings, Gossip Girl or Spongebob you can develop your own special board game without heading to the store.

**Check out my Intractable page to see the progress of my own board game based on obsession on startups and entrepreneurship, tentatively titled “Startup Life”.


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